Navigating Aircraft Ownership

Finding the right aircraft starts with understanding the best fit for your individual needs. Our sales team will guide you through the buying process and aircraft options to make sure your acquisition meets your requirements today, and in the long term. With one of the largest inventories of new and pre-owned aircraft from around the world, we’re sure to find your perfect match.

Truly international with 20 offices worldwide

Transactions across borders can present a series of challenges, but a rich understanding of international markets gives you access to a wider range of aircraft models with even more opportunities for competitive pricing. The experts in our international offices speak the local languages, understand the culture, and are proven and effective negotiators in their locale. Their first hand regional knowledge allows us to negotiate the best deals in each area and potentially locate an aircraft that might not be currently listed for sale. Our international teams form a network across the world, providing you with the widest selection of models to suit your needs.

A financial strength that lets us soar

Our ability to invest in an exceptionally large Jetcraft-owned inventory means more opportunities for you to find the ideal aircraft. Not only does it give you a greater selection, but it also creates the flexibility, for example, to trade in your aircraft. We can buy your aircraft from you without needing to find an end buyer, and our in-house finance team can help you find a payment plan that works for your budget.

Navigating the perfect deal

There are as many types of aircraft as there are destinations and we can guide you through the important purchasing decisions. We’ll help you determine critical details such as whether the ongoing maintenance costs of a pre-owned aircraft will offset the initial price, or if a newer aircraft would fit your budget better in the long run. Our in-house teams walk you through every part of the process, from selecting the right aircraft to legal considerations, contract negotiations, and financial transactions. With proper planning, your new acquisition will continue to bring you value for years to come.

Going Beyond the Basics

Asset Management & Maintenance

Let us connect you to the most trusted aircraft management companies for hangaring, staffing, maintenance, flight planning and potential charter opportunities to offset your aircraft operating costs.

Commercial Aircraft

Our services for business aircraft also apply to commercial aircraft. Let our dedicated international sales team be your partner in commercial aircraft sales and leasing opportunities.

Fleet Planning

We already work on behalf of some of the biggest business jet fleet operators in the world. Allow us to assist with your fleet growth through new acquisitions and trades, or perform a full analysis of your current and projected operational costs.

Custom Fulfillment

We give the same professional advisory services for brand new aircraft as for our pre-owned models, from pre-purchase counseling to post-purchase management.

Compare aircraft with JetRange

JetRange is our exclusive online tool that allows you to compare the range and performance of different aircraft. Plot your most likely destinations and find out which aircraft can go the distance.


Ready to discuss your options? Find your representative

Our experts are ready to help you determine the best possible aircraft investment. Let us uncover an aircraft that meets your requirements and negotiate a deal that’s tailor-made for you.

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Public inventory & off-market listings

Our extensive inventory shows publicly available aircraft, however we also have access to a number of off-market aircraft that could be an ideal match.



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